Episode 4 – Dream-catchers, Bonhomie and Goodbyes 

IMG-20150303-WA0003Meghna was very keen on experiencing the spice plantations down South and they had hired Appu, the friendly cabbie who Adrian has had in his roster for years together.

While they set out for their day trip we found our way to the beaches. I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) joined Neera half-hearted more to give her company than for my own benefit. I would have rather lazed at the villa munching on peanuts and guzzling glasses of the sweet well water. But to make my beach friend happy here we were on the impossibly crowded Baga beach scouting for a shade after a short walk feasting on the happy tourists. We relished some prawns in creamy sauce and hogged on sea food wanting nothing else and I deliciously remembered we had paid Santhosh for a homely feast of prawn curry rice. We scooped the touristy streets in mirthful girlish delight and took loads of pictures to show off on social media about the fab time we had 😉

Getting back to The Only Olive  was the single most happiest moment in the day for me and I realised how less touristy I was! Primarily sylvan in nature I felt mighty pleased about my choice of The Only Olive a Portuguese Style Colonial villa for our stay and sure enough Neera agreed.

It’s a perfect place if one needs to get together with long-lost friends throbbing for each other. Besides the simple beauty of the place it’s the goodness in the spirit of the place that makes it an engaging home stay.

IMG-20150303-WA0001It came to my mind in a certain sense of urgency and esoteric charm that there should be dream-catchers in the Portuguese Style Villa and I passed on this tidbit to Adrian who was quite excited by the thought himself.

A little later, once we had washed out the sweat and sand of the day, Meghna and Andrew stepped in. After quick showers they joined us for a table spread out with the homeliest meal I had seen in a long time. In the glow of the night lights and blaze of the fireflies outside we shared our lil Goan world over a table of good food and laughter.

I cannot for my life forget Meghna’s story telling abilities. She wrapped us all in aura of her spice plantation adventures as she recounted how knowledgeable the guide was but unfortunately how disinterested some folks were in knowing the facts. Apparently when the guide was explaining cardamoms, there was a family who pointed to a plantain tree and said that could be the cardamoms though the wife corrected they looked like bananas and not cardamoms lol.

As the dining air became dense with the wafting smells of the curries and our relentless stories, it was soon time to call it a day.

Wearily but reluctantly we said goodbye to Meghna and Andrew as they had an early morning check out. They promised a second trip soon to delve deeper beyond the current “scratching the surface” trip to Goa.

Neera and I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) got ready the next day packing up our lil world to be taken away from the rustic splendor of The Only Olive a Portuguese Style Villa in Goa.

We hugged and said goodbye to each other and to The Olive with promises of visiting again soon. 

Santhosh and his Famous Five bid us off with their cheerful faces – a sight to remember.