Episode 3 – Friends!!!

The January chill fell lustily on us and the ceiling fans were not required. In the stillness of the quiet village with its peaceful inhabitants around, I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) shut my mind to the regular humdrum of life.

Can’t remember how long Neera and I sat in the flawless beauty of the night before I heard a crackling laughter and the fleeting mayhem of shuffling feet and travel-weary luggage in apartment in Goa for holidays at The Only Olive. It was Meghna Thakur and Andrew who were staying at the Villa for a few nights. Meghna’s bubbliness and Andrew’s poise vied well with each other and as they settled into the villa with long admiring glances, we went for a short stroll along the Aldona lanes. Everything was quiet except for the crunch of tyre on the roads mixed with the occasional bark of dogs on alert within domestic compounds.

We wanted something homely on our tummies so we went in for Santhosh’s dal bhaat with papad and pickle. I loved his dal and had loads of rice and hopelessly defeated the intention of eating light! I overheard Neera seeking Santhosh’s dal recipe. The dal patron that she was maybe she liked Santhosh’s dal a bit more than the normal. I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) didn’t want to lose The Only Olive to my sleep. I wanted my senses to experience The Only Olive as long as I could so I kept up Neera and her curls of smoke in the thick fog of my stories. Meghna and Andrew had retired for the day. As the night ate into our sleep and made our eyes heavy we hit the sack for a long dreamless slumber. 

The comfort of the room, the sleeping quality of the bed and the benefit of the climate were excellent.

Morning peeped in and after lazing in bed and freshening up we sat down to the healthy spread done by Santhosh. I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) slathered the piping hot omelette with sauce, the way I like it and bit my way into the healthy glory. Meghna and Andrew were extremely friendly and over the morning glory we shared warm bonhomie and discussed mutual plans for the day. 

That common table of simple and healthy food turned into such a rich source of exchange of ideas and cultures.  

We parted for the day making promises to get back for dinner together for more suss egad stories.

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