When Two Friends Met After Ten Years at The Only Olive Part-2

Episode 2 – The Backyard

As Neera unwrapped her life happenings since we last met through the unapologetic wrinkles in her face we wended our way back to The Only Olive. We decided we’re going to bury our everyday existence for two days in the attic of The Only Olive – we so wanted to unwind and I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) could not believe this house with its quiet majestic roof and walls was just so like a mother’s womb – a perfect hideout till you were ready to get out!

I fell perfectly in love with the royal cot so ornately carved in wood with its silky sheers all around in the Heritage Room of the villa a Holiday Home in Goa. Having pulled out and arranged my vast array of toiletries and cosmetics along the pretty sill of the wooden windows, I came out to meet Neera in the backyard, who was perched comfortably on the wooden bench over a cuppa black tea. She loved the backyard and so did I. With its sprawling space dotted with tufts of green and the rustic well tucked away in the corner, she found it sheer bliss to let her smoke curl out in shapes in between sips of the black tea sweetened with a tinge of lemon in it.

Santhosh and his cheerful family were around available for any help at the same time not being intrusive. Appointed as caretakers to the property their timely presence was desirable in the huge expanse of The Only Olive.

A backyard is a place where true gossip happens and news and trivia float around. We basked in the glory of the evening sun rays seeping down the stilted roof of the back porch and let the stories roll out breathlessly! There was an assortment of fruit bearing trees planted in the backyard which were lovely. I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) thought there was a lot of area left in the backyard which had to be put to good use. When I mentioned it to Adrian he said yes he had plans.

Undoubtedly the backyard turned out our true favourite!

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