When Two Friends Met After ten Years at The Only Olive Part – 1

Episode – 1 “The Riverside”

Neera was one of the few with whom I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) got along pretty nicely without having to think what smart thing to say next, when as a young and unsure resident teacher for Korean students I lived in Chennai ten years back. So when Neera and I got a chance to get together after a long hiatus in Aldona’s most beautiful property The Only Olive a Portuguese Style Villa in Goa, it was like what Walt Whitman said: “We were together. We forget the rest”.

I’ve always had this image of thick swarming greens swaying in the wind around me and a single trail leading me through it. We went down the steps of The Only Olive to reach the riverside in its proximity where I had heard one could really bottle up time for as long as you wanted to. And we did. I found my image there. I (A Guest of The Only Olive in Jan 2015) trailed it along with Neera eagerly taking in the beauty around, and smiling at the old couple residing in the little house there, leaving them behind for a line of beautiful Portuguese houses, some abandoned and quite a few so well maintained. And I wondered who lived in those pretty houses and who would have lived in the abandoned ones. If not for the charm of The Only Olive calling me back we would have spent much longer in the disobedient plants and green growth teasing our feet.


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