“…Give yourself up to the web he(Adrian Pinto, Owner, The Only Olive) weaves of the holiday you will have, to chersih for a long time to come…”

TripAdvisor Reviews

“Adrian Pinto’s Website for his three-room guesthouse in Aldona is Worth Checking out…”

Lonely Planet

“The Only Olive, a tastefully restored heritage villa…”

Conde Nast Traveller India

“…Adrian has a laid-back approach to hosting guests, affording them as much privacy and time to themselves as they desire, but making himself available for recommendations…”

MSN Travel

“…My host is Adrian Pinto, an affable hospitality manager with a bulging contacts book…”

Yahoo News

“The Only Olive … Here you could go for walks, go for fishing and then have a BBQ…”

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