The villa is set in canvassed gardens filled with an abundance of sweet scented frangipani and Indian jasmine, interspersed with bamboo, mango, jack fruit, breadfruit, drumstick, cashew trees and of course – the olive tree.

The soft and luscious lawns make it a perfect place for your family to lounge and kids to play around.

The shared well is the only one that gives out sweet water in that area and there have been records of guests indulging in the joy of it like unlimited feni.

For those who love life and nature – it is the perfect place to relax in hammocks and rejuvenate – making the home stay seem like a slice of Portuguese life in Goa.

Ideal for families with kids, couples looking for romantic getaways, bachelorette parties

It’s an ideal place to holiday with kids helping them connect with Nature, and the garden along with backyard provides huge space and freedom for kids to play around, especially if you’re coming from metros or live in apts where there’s no piece of land to step out right into and connect with. The bamboo balcony and the BBQ provision can make bachelorette parties memorable. The Aldona air has an exemplary mix of romance and privacy brewed in to make it the perfect romantic getaway.


The Only Olive is situated on a hillock with lovely views of the surrounding village. This is the only village caromed by rivers on all three sides and that too in the shape of a horse shoe. The riverside has been the personal favourite of many a traveller here. It’s bliss to visit this segment of the Mapusa river which is a tributary of the Mandovi river. It’s a very short walk off the villa and the morning air is crisp with the lovely green foliage and beckoning serenity around.

Nature’s buff

The vicinity has the densest variety of birds and butterflies. It’s a sheer delight for bird watchers.

Experience how you could bottle up time as you sit by the river side angling with the breeze pecking you all over. So be it angling or crab spotting or trailing the golden green path of fireflies in the night The Olive is the perfect choice for the romantic, explorer, traveller in you.

No wonder the area has drawn the literati in an unending love story. Many writers and artists have taken this place as their home!

Local facilities

This could be one of Aldona’s premium properties by the very virtue of fact that it offers a ringside view of the best local culture and fare it can provide you with. We just got lucky with the property and its location, on a personal note :)

The local market Tinto’s has a pharmacy and a horde of stores and small eat outs for simple living. Sebros bakery has been offering local made Goan sweets like bebinca, dodol for nearly 25 years now!

Tinto, the market place, also has a bar providing you with some of the best tasting feni.

Gokuldas Naik’s family makes and sells some Indian snacks and savouries (chakries and chudas) which are very popular and are a huge hit with The Olive guests. And Adrian says right behind The Olive there’s an Aunty who sells some “unbelievably” delicious sweets!

Local transport

The villa is just a couple of minutes’ walk from the local bus stop.
Hired bikes and cars are readily available.
There’s a secure garage for The Olive.

Famous eat outs

The famous BAO is close by at walking distance just short of the Corjeum bridge. This provides the most delicious local Goan thali and sea food and meat delicacies. It’s a must try.

Andron is at Nachinola around two kms away and is again the best eat out for authentic Goan fare. The pork and sea food preps are delicious. Do not miss Tony’s hospitality!

St Thomas Church

The 16th century awe-inspiring St Thomas Church yields to relentless glory and its graveyard has this pithy writing, “Aiz Maka Falea Tuka”, which is “Me today, You tomorrow!”

Corjeum bridge

In 2004 the cable stayed bridge opened up to connect Aldona with Corjeum. It’s a sight to gape at and is held by six cables together on either side.