20161217_131429It’s that time of the year again when Santa faces, Christmas stars and green hollies color our dreams. Enter Mapusa local market and the cheer of the season sweeps you in. Christmas music swirls you and warms the cockles of your heart. The sight of the endless array of wares makes even the dullest person enthusiastic. I was struck by the striking colors that hit me as soon as I entered the market and needless to say the music made me mushy. Crochet work in different colors and especially in Christmas colors made me beam. It’s priced so reasonably that one wouldn’t think of a bargain. It’s Christmas finally and you want the hawkers to earn their keep too!

20161217_123125The stalls are lined up in a colorful glee and all sorts of Christmas decoration, cards, stars, gleaming streamers, Santa printed bed sheets, towels mark their way around the market. Fresh produce from local gardens and artisan’s corner filled out with blue pottery, the Christmas best for your family, winter clothing, stud the space of the market in a mad frenzy of mirth.

People jostle through but none is too much in a hurry as it is in a metro and everyone has the patience to help, guide and even exchange greetings. Something I love about Goa – people are not in a race; they always have time for others – all the more when the bright colors of the season dot the pavements and the Christmas cheer swells the hearts around.


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