Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom or the Cosy Room holds a king size cot and accent furniture to make you really comfortable in its generous space. It’s synced with just the right amount of furniture to make the room highly functional at the same time retaining the sanctity of space for seamless rest and recuperation. The attached bathroom and the bath tub factor-in the oomph. It has a nice feel of ancient connect by the attic that rides up from the stairs.

Heritage Room

One feels royal here sleeping on the king-size antique cot with its intricate wood work and magnificent built. The silky white sheers add to the grandeur. Replete with a whole set of boutique furniture, this room exudes majesty and simplicity what with its window opening out to the charming Olive tree in the garden.

Olive Room

This room opens yet again to the garden and draws in as much of the robust Aldona sun and breeze in. The queen-size cot made for two is from Olive wood and the minimalistic design with its chipped edges gives it a grunge effect. The comfortable bed invites you to curl up, given the cosy tucked-away location of the bed room.

The Olive Room and the Heritage Room share a modern bathroom with cubicle shower.

(The bedrooms can be booked independently along with the common spaces OR the villa in its entirety.)