The Only Olive – An experience. A charming riverside Portuguese style villa that gets its name from the olive tree in the garden rumored to be a hundred years old – like the house itself.

About The Homestay and The Experience

Situated on a hillock, The Only Olive is a riverside Portuguese style villa with its airy, high-ceilinged living rooms is tastefully furnished with a combination of old family heirlooms and restored furniture. The cool whitewashed interiors give off an aura of peace and serenity – an ideal setting for romance or bonding with friends and family, or a restful holiday. Its three bedrooms ensure spaciousness as well as privacy – an ideal escape from the tourist crowds of Goa.

The Only Olive, set in canvassed gardens, offers lovely views of the surrounding village. For those who love life and nature – it is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

The Experience

While staying at The Only Olive, plan to relax completely. Sit in the bolcao with a book and watch the birds. Go down to the river and let a fishing rod dangle in the water. Walk around the village of Aldona and spend some time in its century’s old St Thomas church. Enjoy a beer or a bottle of wine on the patio or relax in a hammock and count the stars, help with the garden. Write that book. Paint that painting. Complete that piece. Understand what Goan susegad is all about, by doing it. …And experience life the way it’s supposed to be …SIMPLY…