A Charming, Riverside, Portuguese Style Colonial Villa for your Goan Holiday
“…Give yourself up to the web he(Adrian Pinto, Owner, The Only Olive) weaves of the holiday you will have, to chersih for a long time to come…” - TripAdvisor Reviews
“Andrian Pinto’s Website for his three-room guesthouse in Aldono is Worth Checking out…” - Lonely Planet
Only Olive is a great home(stay) that is beautiful, real and simple - true to being a real home...." - Sadhwika Agarwal, Stayed with us 24th & 25th Jan 2011.
“The Only Olive, a tastefully restored heritage villa…” - Conde Nast Traveller India
“The Only Olive … Here you could go for walks, go for fishing and then have a BBQ…” - Planet Goa
“…Adrian has a laid-back approach to hosting guests, affording them as much privacy and time to themselves as they desire, but making himself available for recommendations…” - MSN Travel
“…My host is Adrian Pinto, an affable hospitality manager with a bulging contacts book…” - Yahoo News
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